I'll Show You por Sam Smith

February 21, 2020

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I'll Show You por Sam Smith

Titulo del libro: I'll Show You

Autor: Sam Smith

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Sam Smith con I'll Show You

Críticas ""Rose, born and raised in a tough Chicago neighborhood, led his high-school team to the Illinois state title. He was drafted by the Chicago Bulls, the first overall selection in the 2008 draft. In 2009, he was named NBA rookie of the year. In 2011, he was selected as the league's Most Valuable Player, the youngest player ever to win the award. Then came maximum contracts, lucrative shoe endorsements, and heightened scrutiny. For an inherently shy young man, it was difficult. Then things started to go sour. A torn ligament in his knee resulted in a year's rehabilitation. Then another knee injury and another season lost. This as-told-to autobiography, coauthored with celebrated NBA reporter Sam Smith (The Jordan Rules, 1991), tracks Rose's journey, which takes him to New York, Cleveland, Utah, and Minnesota. Only at Minnesota does his career begin to rebound under former Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. This is a fascinating account of the tribulations of NBA life, made especially compelling by the detailed recording of Rose's grueling rehab experiences. Basketball fans, especially those who marveled at Rose's early years, will enjoy the book immensely."" --Booklist Reseña del editor In 2012, Derrick Rose was on top of the world.After growing up in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, Rose achieved an improbable childhood dream: being selected first overall in the NBA draft by his hometown Chicago Bulls. The point guard known to his family as “Pooh” was a phenom, winning the Rookie of the Year award and electrifying fans around the world. In 2011, he became the youngest MVP in league history. He and the Bulls believed the city’s first berth in the NBA Finals since the Jordan era was on the horizon. Rarely had a bond between a player and fans been so strong, as the city wrapped its arms around the homegrown hero.Six years and four knee surgeries later, he was waived by the Utah Jazz, a once surefire Hall of Fame career seemingly on the brink of collapse. Many speculated his days in the NBA were over.But Derrick Rose never doubted himself, never believed his struggles on and off the court were anything other than temporary setbacks. Rather than telling the world he had more to give, he decided to show them.I’ll Show You is an honest, intimate conversation with one of the world’s most popular athletes, a star whose on-court brilliance is matched only by his aversion to the spotlight. Written with New York Times bestselling author Sam Smith, Rose opens himself up to fans in a way they’ve never seen before, creating a document that is as unflinching—and at times as uncomfortable—as a personal diary.Detailing his childhood spent in one of his city’s most dangerous neighborhoods; his relationships with both opponents and teammates; the pain and controversies surrounding his career-altering injuries; his complicated relationship to fame and fortune; and his rise, fall, and reemergence as the player LeBron James says is “still a superhero,” I’ll Show You is one of the most candid and surprising autobiographies of a modern-day superstar ever written. Ver Descripción del producto

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